Martine Hermans Frisvold developed since early 2014 a collection entitled ” Amplitude ” . Her idea is to create epidermal force – larger pieces that take possession of the space in order to give strength to the skin texture.

The skin regains its meaning and diversity in new proportions.

A few illustrations of her collection :

Ear rings – Silver

FullSizeRender (1)

Mouth cufflinks – Silver


Lips caught in the metal for an eternal smile…

Mouth bracelet – Silver


Golden mouth – Vermeil

IMG_0012 - copie

Hand bracelet – Silver and tourmalines

Le tour de cou et son bracelet en maillons épidermiques articulés en agent rhodié

Manchette – empreinte du poignet et sa fêlure – argent massif

Tour de cou bouches – Vermeil

Collier 4 fourrure