Skin & Soul Jewelry, Brussels


Portrait 1

Originally from Antwerp, I spent two years in Beijing, followed by a year in Florence, where I mastered in “Arte Orafo” in 1989 at the Accademia “Raymond Riachi” and worked and apprenticed in the “Brandimarte” goldsmith workshop.

The urge to continuously broaden my horizons then led me to explore Washington D.C. in 1990 where I combined gemology studies and a “Certificate of Practical Gemology” at the Columbia School of Gemology with work in a jewelry boutique.

Married in 1991 to Paal Frisvold, a Norwegian, I then lived for 4 years in Paris creating in my charming workshop near the Panthéon.

I participated in several jewelry fairs such as “Bijorhca” and “The World Gold Council”, and sold my collection to the world-famous Harrods department store in London.

In 1995, my first little girl, Zoe, was born. My next destination was Oslo where, in 1996, I gave birth to a second girl, Ruby, named after my favorite stone.

After settling down in Brussels in 1997, I decided to perfect my skills and returned to school at “Les Arts et Métiers” where I graduated with a 4 year degree in “jeweler’s craft”.

Enriched with these years of learning and creation, my creativity expanded and my artistic approach became tightly linked to metallurgy methods. My jewelry became more structured, more nuanced. I constructed architectonic shapes in brushed and/or polished silver, with forms sliding to fit within each other in a ‘double entendre’ game as illustrated in my “Double Rings” collection.

In 2003, I created a new ‘trend’ based on the concept of skin prints, and christened my new collection: SKIN & SOUL JEWELRY

From 2003 to 2009, I have held several collective and individual exhibitions in Luxembourg and Brussels including at the Gallery “’t kint de Rodenbeek” at the Sablon; the ‘White Hotel’ (avenue Louise); a combined show with Scandinavian vintage jeweler Ana Banos Bajo, and held the ‘Corner’ at the Hotel Bristol Stéphanie (avenue Louise) for three years. I also organized a “holiday season” event grouping my latest designs with those of Agathe Saint-Giron, who works with glass. I also participated twice in two festivals at Woluwé Saint-Lambert. In june 2009 I  held an exhibition at the “EM72” Gallery on Place Châtelain.

In October 2010, I opened my new workshop and gallery “SKIN & SOUL” at 121 rue Faider.

I spend many happy hours there, creating or demonstrating my techniques to customers, taking orders and selling my jewelry.

In 2011, January, I had a presentation of my concept at the gallery “Libertine” rue Ernest Allard during which I offer the possibility to take molds of customers’ bodies in order to create personal pieces of jewelry for St-Valentine’s gifts. The gallery ‘Libertine ‘ took part in the “BRUNEAF”, Winter Sablon exhibits from 19-23 january 2011 and exhibited some of my Body jewelries pieces.